Health and Welfare



Local 433 Ironworkers receive access to health and dental insurance, and a pension plan for retirement. The California Field Ironworkers Trust Funds administers these programs.

Click on the following links to read a list of Frequently Asked Questions about your benefits on the Iron Worker Benny website.
Active Members
Retired Members

Still have questions? Call the trust office at:


1.800.527.4613 or 626.792.7337

The Local 433 office doesn’t administer these benefits, and so we cannot answer your questions. Please call the trust office or see its website for more information regarding your benefits.

California Field Ironworkers Trust Fund
131 N. El Molino Ave.
Suite 330
Pasadena, CA 91101

800.527.4613 (Toll Free)
626.792.7337 (Phone)
626.792.7667 (Main Fax)
626.578.0450 (Records and Pension Fax)

First Health
Available to all active and retired members enrolled in the fee-for-service plan outside of California. Click here to access the site.
Provider locator service number: 888.685.7774

Health Plan of Nevada
Available to all active members, non-Medicare retirees and Medicare retirees in Nevada. Click here to access the site.
Customer Service Numbers:
702.242.7300 or 800.777.1840 Member Services
702.242.9214 TTY/TDD (Member Services)
702.242.7301 Senior Dimensions Member Services
800.650.6232 TTY/TDD (Senior Dimensions)
24-hour Telephone Advice Nurse Service: 702.242.7330 or 800.288.2264 HMO only

Health Net
Available in California to retirees ONLY. Click here for the website.
Member Services: 800.522.0088
Hearing Impaired: 800.955.0852
Spanish: 800.331.1777 Korean: 877.339.8596
Mandarin: 877.891.9053 Tagalog: 877.891.9051
Cantonese: 877.891.9050 Vietnamese: 877.339.8621

Kaiser Permanente
Available to all active and retiree participants enrolled in the Kaiser HMO plan in California only. Click here to access the site.
Member Services: 800.464.4000

United Health Care (PacifiCare)
Available to members in California, Nevada and Arizona enrolled in Pacific Care HMO. Click here to access the site.
Customer Service:
Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
800.624.8822 (please designate area)

VSP Vision Care
Vision Service Plan available to all active members (except Kaiser members). Vision Service Plan is available only to retirees who enrolled at time of retirement. Click here to access the site.
Member Services/Provider Referral Information:

Spectera Vision Care
Click here to access the site.
Member Services: 1.800.638.3120
Our 24-hour toll-free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system offers provider information: 800.839.3242

Blue Cross
Blue Cross of California Customer Service for U.S. only. Click here to access the site.
Member Services: 800.688.3828

Vanguard Investments
Visit the Vanguard Group website or call member services for information regarding your account. Click here to access the website.
Member Services: 800.523.1188